Friday, February 22, 2013

Audio Guides : Trustworthy Assistant !!!

What do you 'must have' with you while visiting any Historical place? 

When we visit any Historical place, we see various buildings, monuments and other structures but hardly know the intentions behind these architectures. Maharashtra is having more than 300 forts but we are not aware of intelligence behind their constructions. This way, we are not been able to pass on our history to next generation, reducing their interests in learning pasts.
Guide - What is your experience about the word? When we enter any historical place, group of people huddle you, insisting you to buy their services. Right? All we need from a guide is an authenticity. I have seen many such guides who put excessive emotions and exaggerations in war stories. This also discourages us from hiring Guides. I think guide should be an intelligent, knowledgeable person who himself be huddled by tourists for his services. Unfortunately, our society does not provide such status to these guides. Financial aspect is another thing that prevents knowledgeable persons getting into this profession. That's enough of problem now :-) . 
I was in Delhi during year end. While cruising at Red Fort, I came across with one exciting concept - Audio Guide. I was handed one device with headphones connected to it. This device was looking like any calculator with similar one line display. 

Audio Guide Device

It was very light weight and reliable device providing high quality digital sound. All the history of Red Fort was fed in MP3 format inside that device. All you need to do is press the number on the device, written at any particular spot. 

 Press the number and get 'lost' into History

The narrator was having very much ideal voice required for such historic stories. Classical music with appropriate instruments was added to the flavour perfectly. I was stunned within first few minutes and suddenly got rid of the crowd around. It was like-never-before experience I ever had at any of the  historic places. 
Lost into the Past !!!

The audio tour took me to the past with detailed and authentic information. As this is just a device, repetitive listening is another benefit. Just remember, you get involved deeply to forget the time you have !!! Visit such places having ample amount of time in hand (We were to visit Akshardham temple after Red Fort but had to drop the idea as it was too late here only)
Do not bother at all hiring such devices as the price behind them is definitely worth. You would not regret it for sure. (I paid some INR 75 for Hindi and INR 125 for English). These audio tours are now also available at many more places like Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Jaisalmer Fort, Mysore Palace, Udaipur City Palace and Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalay Mumbai. 

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